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Orange & Navy Hi Viz Work Shirt

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Do your kids want to be just like their Mum/Dad, Aunt’s/Uncles or even Grandparents, when it comes to “working hard” on the yard or out on the property?



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Do your kids love to get outside and “work” with you?

Then Cuties By Zootys – Original Kids Hi Viz Work Shirts, are the perfect answer to help your kids “work hard” safely everyday!

Not only will your kids LOVE being just like you, you can rest assured that your helping them understand safe working practices not only in the yard, on a property, camping, fishing, but also when they are just riding their bikes.  With a Cuties By Zootys – Original Kids Hi Viz Work Shirt your helping them understand how to be safe in numerous situations.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are wanting multiple size shirts of the same design with embroidery, please place each shirt with embroidery in to the cart separately.  i.e – Size 00 – Jack (would be one item in the cart) Size 4-5 – Jill (would be the second item in the cart) This is to ensure that the correct embroidery is on each shirt.

Cuties By Zootys – Original Kids Hi Viz Work Shirt – Orange & Navy:

  • Are made from 100% Cotton
  • Have a double breast pocket with buttons
  • Toddler manageable buttons
  • Two reflective bands across the body
  • One reflective band across the arm
  • Each shirt is only available in long sleeve with button cuff
  • Each shirt also has the Cuties By Zootys logo embroidered on the back of the shirt
  • All shirts can be embroidered at an additional cost when bought from the website

See above for sizing measurements.

We look forward to supplying your family the original “working hard safely” kids shirts!

Don’t forget to send us pics of your kids “working hard safely” and your kids could be featured on our website & receive a FREE gift from us!

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