I hope to answer all your questions here:

How does the 3 for $100 work?

You must enter 3 shirts to be eligible to obtain the discount.  Once you have entered your 3 shirts, with or without embroidery you then type the code that appears on the home page (3for100) and it will adjust the price accordingly.  Please be aware that you will be charged postage on your order.

If for some reason you change your mind after adding the coupon and remove a shirt, and then pay for the sale, you will be contacted about your sale and asked to pay the difference.  Please be advised that management reserves the right to revoke the coupon at any time.

How much does postage cost? Please see below for our posting schedule:

Please note that any orders received after 5pm on a Wednesday will not be posted until the following week, until further notice.  Thank you for your understanding.

Standard Postage

1-2 shirts – $8.00

3 shirts – $10.00

4-6 shirts – $15.00

7-20 shirts – $16.50

Express Postage

1-2 shirts – $10.00

3-6 shirts – $17.50

7-10 shirts – $23.00

11-20 shirts – $32.00

What does embroidery cost & how long does it take? Please find our embroidery costing below:

Embroidery 1 side/1 Word $6.50

Embroidery 1 side/2 words $8.50

Embroidery 1 side/Business/Company (Name Only) $10.00

Embroidery 2 sides/1 Word $13.00

Embroidery 2 sides/2 Words $17.00

Embroidery 2 sides/Business/Company (Name Only) $20.00

Unfortunately we can not do any type of logo on the shirts.

Embroidery takes 2-3 days.

How do I know what size to buy?


cuties by zootys hi viz kids

What are the washing instructions?

These shirts are 100% cotton and can be washed in normal washing conditions, I would suggest though when hanging out in summer heat to try and hang inside out or even in shade to prevent fading and sun bleaching.

Where are you based?

All parcels leave from Clermont, Queensland.

Do you attend local markets?

I do try to attend as many local markets as I can, if you want to know where I might be attending please jump on our facebook site or contact us  and keep up to date with all the changes at Cuties by Zootys.

Do I have to use paypal?

No you do not have to use paypal to pay for your shirts, using Paypal assures a quick and convenient method of ordering.  If you need your order to go to a different address, then please contact us if you require the parcel urgently.

If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here please contact us and we will do our best to answer them

How does the points system work?

For every dollar you spend on clothing in our store you receive 1 point (please be aware that postage DOES NOT have points allocated)  Each point accumlated is redemmable for $0.05 or 20 points is $1.00

Points are allocated to your account when your purchase has been moved to processed and or complete.  Points are valid for 3 months and can be used with any purchase after the first points are allocated.

If you would like to see your points accumlated/redeemed when you sign into your account at the top right hand corner of the screen is a MY ACCOUNT link, if you click that, then click POINTS HISTORY. You can see your points accumlated and redeemed along with any bonus points allocated.  This area also shows you when your points are going to expire.

If you receive bonus points when you participate in promotions/competitions please note that these points may take up to 30 days to be allocated to your account.

NO reward points can be used in conjuction with any coupons, special offers, or discounts unless stated otherwise.